On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 11:15:17AM +0200, Lucio Chiappetti wrote:
> However I'm unable to convince it to start in the designated desktop
> and page (I'm also unable to convince it to start with the window
> geometry I want, it looks like it ignores any standard X style

Firefox, alas, doesn't have a -geometry option.  But it does (albeit
loosely) try to remember its position when it next loads up.  There are
a few ways around it to try and coerce it into a fixed position, which
I'll discuss below.

> This is an extract from my .fvwm2rc. The part on the VNC viewer works,
> the part on firefox does not.
> AddToFunc InitFunction ... 
> + "I" Exec exec vncviewer -name OldPoseidonVNC -passwd myfile myhost:1 
> + "I" Exec firefox http://myhomepage
> I tried (for firefox) also "Exec exec" or a -name directive, but with
> no avail.

Use the Resource of firefox (Gecko) as a more precise match.

> Style OldPoseidonVNC StartsOnPage 1 1 0, SkipMapping 
> firefox Page 1 0 Style 0, SkipMapping, NoPPosition

Style Gecko  StartsOnPage 1 0, SkipMapping

works for me.

I mentioned earlier about geometries.  Using a module called FvwmEvent,
you can get Fvwm to do things when a condition happens.  So for example,
you might want to move the firefox window somewhere.  Here's what
you could do:

DestroyModuleConfig Event-FF: *

*Event-FF: Cmd  Function
*Event-FF: PassId
*Event-FF: new_window MoveFireFox

Whenever a new window is created, fvwm will then call the "MoveFireFox"
function which we can declare as this:

DestroyFunc MoveFireFox
AddToFunc MoveFireFox
+ I Any (CurrentDesk !Iconic !AcceptsFocus) \
  ThisWindow ("Gecko") Move 120p +0p

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent Event-FF

For instance.  This would then take FireFox and move it to the location
specified in pixels.  Slightly OTT, but it's possible.  :)

-- Thomas Adam

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