On Jul 25, 2007 at  8:05 pm, Thomas Adam wrote:
| On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 11:52:02AM -0700, Peter Scott wrote:
| > 1.  If I delete $HOME/.fvwm (so my config file is gone) then fvwm starts
| > under the gnome-session, although it complains about not being able to
| > find a config (or .fvwm2rc) file.  (What does fvwm use for a config in
| > that case?  I have no idea.)  Of course then I get crummy titlebars
| > (even over the gnome panels) etc., which I have no idea how to fix.
| OK, here's what FVWM does.  (Why some of this isn't documented is beyond
| me).  When FVWM loads it loads a *minimal* internal set of commands -- just
| the barebones so that *something* happens.  Once that is done, it then goes
| on to read:
| $(fvwm-config -d)/ConfigFvwmDefaults
| It's *this* file which defines some initial key-bindings (for things like
| menus) and a few style options, as well as mouse-bindings (needed to
| display buttons on the titlebar anyway).  In addition, this file also
| defines some of the internal functions such as WindowListFunc.  Often is the
| case that one's own ~/.fvwm2rc file overrides some aspects of this anyway.
| Once it's done that, then FVWM goes on to look for *one* of the following
| files in the order listed, using whichever one comes first:
| $HOME/.fvwm/config
| /usr/local/share/fvwm/config
| $HOME/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc
| $HOME/.fvwm2rc
| /usr/local/share/fvwm/.fvwm2rc
| /usr/local/share/fvwm/system.fvwm2rc
| /etc/system.fvwm2rc
| As for titlebar removals, you'd need to do that via Style lines in your
| ~/.fvwm/config file (since you're using FVWM 2.5.21) a la:
| Style foo !Title, !Borders
| etc...
| Note that deleting your ~/.fvwm/ directory means nothing -- FVWM only
| recreates it anyway.
Yes I understand that ~/.fvwm is re-created when FVWM starts; however
since I had deleted mine (actually moved it to ~/.fvwm.save) there's no
config file in it.  Nor is there any config file in any of the places
in the group you list 11 to 18 lines above.  So it just reads the
"ConfigFvwmDefaults" file (which is actually, on my machine,
"/usr/share/fvwm/ConfigFvwmDefaults").  OK, so I will try adding lines
(a few lines at a time) and see when things break.  Does that sound like
a good strategy?  (Thanks for telling me about "ConfigFvwmDefaults".)

Another possible strategy might be to pull some key lines from
"ConfigFvwmDefaults"  (I see, for example, sections labeled
"# Needed by the ewmh support", and "# Needed by modules which use
session management") and insert them into my own config file.
Any idea what sections might be key?
| > 2.  I don't think my config file is at fault, however, since if I
| > replace my config file with, say, system.fvwm2rc, or
| > system.fvwm2rc-sample-1 (samples that are in the fvwm source distro)
| > it also does NOT work.
| Which means you can't be forcing FVWM to run under a session manager at all.
| What steps are you undertaking to try and do this?
OK, what I did was to copy system.fvwm2rc from its location in the
source code directory to ~/.fvwm/ (renaming it "config"), then log on
in the usual way for gnome (gnome session with metacity as WM), then,
from a gnome-terminal, issue the command "fvwm -s 0 --replace".  It is
at this point that things go awry, with fvwm seeming to start correctly
with a few flashing windows (with correct title bars) and an FvwmButtons
panel, then both the title bars and the FvwmButtons disappear and I am
left in the inoperable state I described earlier.

(I also tried the slightly longer method, involving changing metacity to
"normal" in the sessions panel (+ apply) then issuing the command
killall metacity; sleep 2; fvwm &), but neither method works.)

What I'm saying is that the above process leads to problems whenever I
have either my own config or a sample config in ~/.fvwm, but that things
work correctly if there is no config file to be found in the above list
of places (and an error message appears on the screen with that list,
saying no config file found).  So I guess ConfigFvwmDefaults works.  I
will try putting THAT file in ~/.fvwm (renaming it config) and see if
that works.
| > (Maybe there are other ways to accomplish this, but the above works for
| > me.)
| A little dated now, but see:
| http://linuxgazette.net/100/adam.html
yes thanks for this ref, and for your good suggestions.

    -- peter 

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