On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 11:52:02AM -0700, Peter Scott wrote:
> 1.  If I delete $HOME/.fvwm (so my config file is gone) then fvwm starts
> under the gnome-session, although it complains about not being able to
> find a config (or .fvwm2rc) file.  (What does fvwm use for a config in
> that case?  I have no idea.)  Of course then I get crummy titlebars
> (even over the gnome panels) etc., which I have no idea how to fix.

OK, here's what FVWM does.  (Why some of this isn't documented is beyond
me).  When FVWM loads it loads a *minimal* internal set of commands -- just
the barebones so that *something* happens.  Once that is done, it then goes
on to read:

$(fvwm-config -d)/ConfigFvwmDefaults

It's *this* file which defines some initial key-bindings (for things like
menus) and a few style options, as well as mouse-bindings (needed to
display buttons on the titlebar anyway).  In addition, this file also
defines some of the internal functions such as WindowListFunc.  Often is the
case that one's own ~/.fvwm2rc file overrides some aspects of this anyway.

Once it's done that, then FVWM goes on to look for *one* of the following
files in the order listed, using whichever one comes first:



As for titlebar removals, you'd need to do that via Style lines in your
~/.fvwm/config file (since you're using FVWM 2.5.21) a la:

Style foo !Title, !Borders


Note that deleting your ~/.fvwm/ directory means nothing -- FVWM only
recreates it anyway.

> 2.  I don't think my config file is at fault, however, since if I
> replace my config file with, say, system.fvwm2rc, or
> system.fvwm2rc-sample-1 (samples that are in the fvwm source distro)
> it also does NOT work.

Which means you can't be forcing FVWM to run under a session manager at all.
What steps are you undertaking to try and do this?

> (Maybe there are other ways to accomplish this, but the above works for
> me.)

A little dated now, but see:


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