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On 03/03/13 13:06, Stuart Longland wrote:
However, the option to move to a window doesn't seem to work.
MoveToDeskAndPage prev does things, as I'm able to usefully hit
Logo+Shift+Tab to move between two pages on different desktops, but
moving a window to a specific desk and page doesn't seem to work.

Hmm, actually, I just updated to FVWM 2.6.5 and tested this more
closely, and it doesn't seem to work.  How do I implement this?


You sure can switch between page or desk, but you forgot to "warp" to the window. You can use 2 things that come in my mind , either store window ID and after moving the window to the desired location , warping to it or
stick the window, move to the desired location, unstick the window.

The later one is fine to me because you don't need to manage $.

DestroyFunc StickMe
AddToFunc StickMe \
I ThisWindow (Sticky) Stick
+ I testRc (NoMatch) ThisWindow (Focused, !Iconic, !Root) Stick

DestroyFunc mytest
AddToFunc mytest \
I StickMe
+ I GoToPage 2 2
+ I StickMe

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