Time for a new release that provide bugfixes and new features.

- De-icoification of the full-screened windows have been fixed. They
  will appear now in full-screen without border or title. 

- Non wanted qjackctl and medias icons have been fixed. They should not
  appear any more as we can control those programs from the music
  button and menu.

 - Restrict Fullscreen to non FvwmButtons windows. It was possible to
   bring the buttons in full screen, and this is not wanted. 

-  Unification of the desktop geometry. All the recipes have now the
   same 8 pages by 1 geometry. This fix the lost window issue with
   recipe changes. The "Clean vertival" recipe has been removed in the
   process, but it was the same than Vertical anyway. 

- The Icon-Launcher is now available in all the recipe through a new
   preference setting: Desktop manager -> Thunar. This is the same
   setting than "None", but with icons for all the mounted partitions.
   Clicking on those icons will open Thunar at the corresponding mount
   point. Simple and fast. 

- Some styles order fixes.

- Last but not least, the font preferences have been fully rewritten.
  They are now under the form of a Font Selector which provide all
  the old settings into one dialog. Font styles support have been added,
  and the selected font is shown with its selected size and style. Of
  course, the example string can be edited, saved for later use and
  restored to its default value. This Font Selector is a FvwmScript
  with full xft and GetText suppot. That make it much easier to use
  than old style Fvwm font selectors using the core font. Xft support
  imply also full UTF-8 support. This was already the case with
  Fvwm-Crystal old font preferences sytem, but this new font selector
  is just the best. 

- Help needed with more translations, colorsets, decorations and
  whatever you can think about. Please considere to contribute.


Note: You can ask you why I changed the version from 3.1.7 to 3.1.12.
It's simple, bug fixes count for 3.1.8, and the added or changed
features for the other steps.

"We have the heroes we deserve."

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