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> On 7 May 2013 13:35, mimosinnet <mimosin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > [FVWM][__execute_function]: <<ERROR>> No such command '%{'
> >
> > This has been discussed in the list:
> >
> > http://www.mail-archive.com/fvwm@lists.math.uh.edu/msg09164.html
> >
> > But I am not clear on what is the right configuration.
> We need to see your config file before any of this makes sense.

Thanks for the message. Just for testing it, I have just created this
configuration file..., 

key i   A C     Exec exec xmessage -nearmouse "No preprocesing"
%{ $b = "Preprocessing"; $a = "key i A S Exec exec xmessage -nearmouse $b"; $a 

@a = ("KP_Home", "KP_Up", "KP_Prior", "KP_Left", "KP_Begin", "KP_Right", 
"KP_End", "KP_Down", "KP_Next" );
$i = 0;
$b = "";
foreach (@a ) {
        $b = $b . "Key $_ A N  Exec exec xmessage -nearmouse $i \n";
        $i = $i +1;

Executed with:

eval 'fvwm -c "Module FvwmPerl --preprocess /home/mimosinnet/.fvwm/config.pl"'

And it works! :-D :-)

Thanks! You pointed to the right direction. I was directly making
changes in my huge fvwm configuration instead of trying to find a

I am a happy bunny with a new toy to play with. 


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