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> On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 09:05:41PM +0200, Dominique Michel wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > It is several Maximize function in Fvwm-Crystal. When a new window
> > is opened, a SetEnv made a variable with its window id and its
> > maximized state. 2 temporary files are also created, one with the
> > window width, the other with its height. I done this because I
> > found no other to do what I want and this to survive a restart. May
> > be it is simpler solution, but I didn't find it if it exist.
> Sounds very over-complicated to me.  Using a WindowID is bad here, not
> necessarily because it's only per-window, but for the fact that when
> FVWM restarts, the inherent use of WindowStyle to set the style of
> the window means it's lost on a restart.
> When FVWM restarts, its windows are reparented to the root window,
> and then reparented when FVWM starts again; in your case, the
> maximized state is recorded for windows across restarts, but FVWM
> doesn't record the state of all states across restarts for
> WindowStyle'd windows.

They are lost anyway when fvwm restarts, it is why a added a function
to restore them. The id is used only to apply the fullscreen styles on
the full screened windows.

> It seems to me like you're reinventing a session manager here anyway;
> something I don't want to pedal as good advice anyway.

When working on fvwm-crystal, I restart quite often and get
tired of resizing the windows after a restart.

> > Normally, it work just fine and the window is restored to its
> > original size and location. But sometime after a restart, only the
> > window borders and title style are restored and the window remain
> > in its full maximized state. When this append, I can call FulScreen
> > several times, the window never return to its original size and
> > location.
> Then something about the window when it is recaptured is causing
> another style to match this window, most likely.

I will try to increase the schedule time for the function that apply the
fullscreen styles at restart and see what append.


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