I want to prevent desktops/workspaces from being switched by newly
created windows. And for most new windows, doing this

    Style * SkipMapping

will prevent the switching of desktops.

But with Firefox, whenever a new tab is opened, the desktop will still
switch over to the Firefox workspace. For instance, say I have Thunar
and Firefox opened on separate workspaces. If I then double-click a
saved webpage in Thunar, the desktop immediately switches to Firefox's
workspace. Annoying...

So I must ask:-

    1]  Can someone please tell me why new Firefox tabs don't observe
the SkipMapping style above.
    2]  What else do I need to do to prevent the involuntary switching
of workspaces in all cases.

Fvwm version 2.5.30 on Debian stable. My current minimal config :

Thanks in advance,

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