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> I have written an image viewer that uses FLTK-1.3 .
> On MS-WINDOWS (Win7) the origin of the image window is fixed at
> the current position and the image window height and/or width 
> changes with the width and height of the image.
> On LINUX I use fvwm 2.6.5 .
> With LINUX I have a severe problem: the image window hops around
> like a frog when the image window height and width changes with the
> width and height of the image. I have sent an EMAIL to the list

1. Could you make a minimal version of your program that still
exhibits the problem and send me the source code (along with
detailed instruction, if necessary)?

2. Also, please turn on some debug otuput with the following fvwm

  bugopts DebugCRMotionMethod on

and post the output it produces (before trying (3)).

3. Trying the following styles one after another may or may not

Style <stylename> MoveByProgramMethod UseGravity
Style <stylename> MoveByProgramMethod IgnoreGravity
Style <stylename> MoveByProgramMethod AutoDetect

(Actually, AutoDetect is the default and would probably not change

4. Finally, if (3) does not fix the problem and recompiling fvwm
is no problem for you, could you please edit the file
fvwm/events.c:  In the function __handle_cr_on_client() there is
some disabled debug output:

  #if 0
                "cre: %d(%d) %d(%d) %d(%d)x%d(%d) fw 0x%08x w 0x%08x "
                "ew 0x%08x  '%s'\n",

(At line 960 in the latest version.).  Could you change the "#if 0"
to "if 1" and recompile and reinstall fvwm?  This produces more
details about what happens when the window is moved or resized.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


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