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> I'm currently working on a theme based on IRIX 5.3. There are a few
> already but I've been trying to combine the best parts of those and
> further refine the result. And maybe 5.3 isn't quite like 3.3, but I'd be
> happy to exchange ideas if you're interested.

This is great news! Would you mind sharing what you've got so far?

Yeah, 5.3 isn't quite like 3.3. In my opinion they should have stuck to 3.3, 
especially for the window decorations. However I do feel there's some work to 
be done on the scrollbar up / down arrows, as well as the lightning icon to the 
upper right corner. Like you say, combining the best parts of all releases 
definitely sounds like the way to go.

> P.S. Unfortunately I no longer own any "pizzaboxes" (Indys) so I'm pretty
> much working from memory and screenshots.

Cool. What happened to them?


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