On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 09:19:26AM -0800, bruce m beach wrote:
> Hello Everybody
>  I would like to put a configurable grid on the root window to
> help in the manual placement and sizing of windows. The simplest
> arrangement might be something like a horizontal line and a
> vertical line bisecting the screeen in each direction. fvwm-root
> would work, I think, but could involve drawing large pictures and
> in addition if the screen resolution changed then the various
> ratios would change. Do you have any suggestions?

Stroke support in fvwm is as good as you'll get to doing this.

-- Thomas Adam

Thanks for the reply. I can see using "stroke support" to control
the grid but how can I draw the vector orientated grid (as
opposed to bit-mapped) on the root window in the first place? I
suppose I'll have write something but then the question is "Where
do I put it?, What subsystem does it come under?" I thought maybe
the window manager would be a natural place, specifically in


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