I have been using FVWM since it was introduced, with great pleasure. My last system was Fedora 18 running fvwm2 2.6.5. I recently moved to openSuse 3.2 running fvwm2 2.6.6. I have encountered a problem that I cannot resolve. All of the modifier keys, esc, ctrl and shift do not appear to provide the control options they used to. I ran xev and the keys appear to be present, at least in the root window where xev runs.

Can you suggest where these keys are being trapped? I assume it is in openSuse, but am not aware of a way to diagnose the problem. Is there any thing that I can enable to show if these keystrokes are being delivered to fvwm? Since Suse is KDE based, I need to have a strong argument before posting to their list, it indeed it is something they have done.

I did move the 2.6.5 version to openSuse and still experience the same problem. It may be me being stupid, but I would appreciate any help.


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