The man page of FVWM says regarding the PipeRead command:

> This command is executed by /bin/sh as if you typed it on the command line.

This was not a problem until Debian Lenny. Since Debian Squeeze (and Wheezy 
/bin/sh is not a symbolic link to /bin/bash anymore but a symlink to /bin/dash.

I prefer my PipeRead commands interpreted by BASH, not by DASH
(because DASH for example does not know 'echo -e -n'), but I don't want
to change the global symlink '/bin/sh' for the whole system.

There is a command named 'ExecUseShell', but obviously, this has no effect
on PipeRead.

I could swap (outsource) my code into shell scipts and let PipeRead
call these scripts, but this isn't a nice solution for my taste.

Has anybody an Idea how to change the standard shell for PipeRead?

Thanks in advance,

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