This is not a question but a report about a new discovery.

Back in 2010, when I discovered FVWM as a useful window manager, I needed
a digital clock, which simply shows date, time and weekday. I searched and
filtered quite long and found xclock.

This week, nearly 5 years later, I discovered conky, a system monitor. What
do I need a system monitor for, when I mainly work in VirtualBoxes or Xen
based VNC sessions, I thought, and put it aside. Today, I again thought
about for what a conky could be useful. Then I noticed a lousy configured
xclock with a way too large lettering on a 24 inches 16:10 display, which
was initially designed for a 19 inches 5:4 display and then it dawned

In the next weeks, when I continue setting up new Debian based
productive systems, I will try to replace this combersomly
configurable xclock by conky.

Why do I post this via the FVWM list?

Simply, because:

- I needed 5 years to discover that conky could be used
  as a system clock (nobody told me that before)

- If you are searching for a clock, it is not obvious to
  have a system monitor in mind

So, if somebody asks you for a digital system clock, then
don't forget to mention 'conky' to save him/her five years
of struggling with xclock ;-)

- Michael -

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