In recent Gnome applications, e.g. gthumb, evince, eog, there has been
a trend to remove the window manager border and title and do these
"internally" in the application. I have been looking for a gnome way
of turning off this behavior as it seriously destroys my work flow,
and after failing to do so, I tried to make my prefered window manager
the last twenty years, fvwm, block these requests, but so far without
any success.

I have tried the following configuration parameters:

Style "*"           GNOMEIgnoreHints
Style "*"           Title,Handles

But unfortunately these are ignored for the gnome windows that still
end up with the following properties as can be seen by fvwm identify:

Boundary Width: 0
NoTitle: Yes

Why are these requests ignored? Is there any other property that can
be used to force the title and the handles? If not, could someone
point me to the sources where this request is received and how it is
handled, and where I could block it?


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