On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 11:53 PM, Jaimos Skriletz
<jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> wrote:

Hi Jaimos!

> Read the man page under INITIALIZATION for a complete description of the
> start up procedure and how fvwm looks for its config file. Basically it
> looks in a few places (including old standards) then defaults to a minimal
> config which is equivalent (afaik) to having a blank config file.

Are you the same person who wrote the fvwm beginners guide? If so,
thank you so much for that!  Yes, I've read the INITIALIZATION section
in the man page. That part I understand. I wasn't asking so much about
the files fvwm looks for which a user might define, but more trying to
understand the bits which come before it.

For example, there must be a file somewhere which has some key
bindings for default things, or some function definitions, etc., for
alt-tab. Is that true?  I was wondering where this is documented, if
at all.



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