michael.gros...@gmx.de writes:

> Hi!
> As I reported some years earlier, the FVWM pager crashes
> sometimes (say, it disappears sporadically when I switch
> desktops).
> To fix this, my FVWM config has this code since Debian Wheezy:
>> AddToFunc StartFunction
>> + I Schedule Periodic 2000 crashGuardPager
>> DestroyFunc crashGuardPager
>> AddToFunc crashGuardPager
>> + I All ("minipager") Nop
>> + I TestRc (NoMatch) crashHandlerPager
>> DestroyFunc crashHandlerPager
>> AddToFunc crashHandlerPager
>> + I paintMinipager
> Every time the pager disappears, this code
> automatically creates a new one within 2 seconds
> (by letting the function 'paintMinipager' doing
> this job).
> So far, so good.
> Now, my Xen based virtual Debian Wheezy VNC machine with
> FVWM 2.5.30 has an uptime of 13 days and 7 hours, and once
> again, the pager disappeared. I waited, but it didn't reappear.

The current version of Fvwm in CVS is 2.66.

I don't remember the Pager issue, but I guess it could be fixed.
Did you submit a stack dump?

I can set up a Schedule test, but it sounds like it's going to take
a couple of weeks to recreate the problem.
I don't see anything in the current code that would cause
a problem.

I suggest you start with running something current.

Dan Espen

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