I have written a simple fvwmperl module that tests if Tracker::Scheduler
works on my PC. Where if it succeeds, then it should terminate itself
after just 2 seconds. But thus far, it never has.

The test module is installed in ~/.fvwm/modules, which is in the
modulepath. The other modules in that folder are working okay. Other
Schedule commands in my config or from FvwmConsole seem to work okay
too. I am running version 2.6.5 (2.6.5.ds-4) on Debian testing.

What I have tried so far

1) I raised the problem on fvwmforums. But it seems I am alone in having
this problem. http://www.fvwmforums.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3095&p=14660
2) aptitude reinstall fvwm
3) Reproduced the problem with a minimal config.

If Tracker::Scheduler doesn't work, then I can work around it. But since
it looks like a bug, I'm reporting it here. Thanks all in advance.

The test module code and its debug (from xsession-errors) are as
follows. I also added a divider to the debug output. Lines after that
 came after I manually killed the module at the 20 second mark.

use strict ;
use warnings ;

use lib `fvwm-perllib dir`;
use FVWM::Module ;

my $module = new FVWM::Module(
    Name => 'Notify',
    Debug => 2,

my $scheduler = $module->track('Scheduler') ;
$module->debug("Starting...", 0) ;

$scheduler->schedule(2, sub {
    $module->debug("Stopping...", 0) ;
    $module->terminate ;
    } ) ;

$module->event_loop ;


[Notify]: sent [SET_MASK 0]
[Notify]: sent [SET_SYNC_MASK 0]
[Notify]: Starting...
[Notify]: sent [Schedule 2000 8766028 SendToModule Notify FVWM::Tracker::Scheduler alarm 1]
[Notify]: sent [SET_MASK 4194304]
[Notify]: sent [Deschedule 8766028]
[Notify]: Failed send [Deschedule 8766028]
[Notify]: sent [Nop] FINISH

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