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> How can I force decorations onto windows? Having upgraded to Fedora
> 22, I now find that many of my windows now appear to be doing client
> side decorations, presumably in anticipation of Wayland. But it's
> horrendous. I want my own window decorations back. How can I achieve
> this?
> A good example of this behaviour is evince. I've tried explicitly
> telling it I want a title bar, handles, etc:
>    Style "Evince"     Title, Handles, BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5
> but that seems to be ignored. Any ideas? See attached screenshot.


Style * EWMHIgnoreWindowType

Then contact the Evince developers and tell them NO, NO, NO!

Let us know if that works.  My copy of Evince doesn't display that
problem, so my suggestion is purely a guess.

Dan Espen

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