Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
> On 2015-12-12, Dan Espen wrote:
>> You should try fvwm-menu-desktop if you haven't done so already.
>> Use the size= parameter to control the icon sizes.
>   $ fvwm-menu-desktop | grep size || echo fail
>   fail
>   $ fvwm-menu-desktop --version
>   2.6.5
> Too old or Debian maintainer broke script?

Dan refers in his statement to the new fvwm-menu-desktop located in the
CVS version of FVWM.

If you want to use it, you need from CVS:
- fvwm-menu-desktop (new Python based xdg menu generator)
=> copy it to /usr/bin/
- fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl (configuration GUI)
=> copy it to /usr/share/fvwm/
- fvwm-menu-desktop.1 (new man page)
=> copy it to /usr/share/man/man1/

Or you could download it from here (if you won't follow the CVS 
instructions from the FVWM web page):

Add this to your config:

# Dynamic menu realized with DynamicPopupAction
AddToMenu MenuRoot DynamicPopupAction FuncMenuRoot

DestroyFunc FuncMenuRoot
AddToFunc   FuncMenuRoot
+ I DestroyMenu MenuRoot
+ I AddToMenu MenuRoot DynamicPopupAction MenuRoot
+ I AddToMenu MenuRoot "$[gt.Root Menu]" Title
+ I Popup FvwmMenu
+ I AddToMenu MenuRoot "" Nop

# Remark: FuncMenuRoot exchanges your current root menu. Add your other
# entries after the Nop line.

# Dynamic FvwmMenu sub menu for XDG menus
# realized with DynamicPopupAction
AddToMenu FvwmMenu DynamicPopupAction FuncXdgMenusInRoot

DestroyFunc FuncXdgMenusInRoot
AddToFunc   FuncXdgMenusInRoot
+ I AddToMenu FvwmMenu DynamicPopupAction FuncXdgMenusInRoot
+ I Test (f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu) Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu
+ I PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-desktop --insert-in-menu MenuRoot > 
$[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu &&  echo "Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu"'

# Remark: if you're using the scripts from Fvwm-Nightshade don't forget
# the '2' behind fvwm-menu-desktop ;-)

For more information see the new fvwm-menu-desktop man page.

> How is script supposed to manage icon size? It resize them and store under
> ~/.cache/fvwm dir?

You can set the wanted icon size via configuration GUI or command line.
Default location for resized icons is ~/.fvwm/icons/

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