I have the following in my .fvwmrc file for Alt-Tab switching behavior.

Key Tab A M WindowList Root c c CurrentAtEnd,NoDeskSort

I'd like Alt-Tab to switch focus between the 2 most recently focused
windows regardless of the desktop on which they reside.

This works as long as I remain on a single desktop.

I have 2 windows on desktop 1 (window-a, window-b) and one window on
desktop 2 (window-c) I can't seem to get the behavior such that alt-tab
will toggle focus between window-b and window-c. Once focus is switched
back to a desktop with more than 1 window the window list is adjusted
such that focus toggling is reset to the more recently focused windows
on that desktop.

Fvwm version: 2.6.5
SloppyFocus is applied to all windows.
I have not overridden WindowListFunc.

How can I get "standard" alt-tab behavior to work for windows across
all desktops?


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