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Ages ago I wrote:
> I have Linux SL6.4 running under virtualbox 4.3.12 hosted on a Windows 7
> system (on a Dell laptop, if it makes any difference).
> Originally when I set this up FvwmIconMan wasn't seeing any mouse clicks ...
> Then, for a while, it started working.  Then it stopped again in the middle
> of a session for no obvious reason, and it hasn't worked since.

Following this up for the archive, it appears that something is randomly
turning the num-lock modifier off and on, and so now when FvwmIconMan stops
working I know to hit the key to see if that fixes things.  And so far it
always has.

I've no idea what's doing it.  It still happens with later versions of
virtualbox, though I have to say it's been doing it less often recently.  I
also have caps-lock get turned off and on, though that may be due to its
position on the keyboard.  And keys sometimes get stuck auto-repeating,
though hitting some other key causes it to stop.

So all in all it works well enough now that I know what to look out for,
and the advantages probably outweigh (for me) the disadvantages.

Belated thanks for your suggestions at the time, which put me onto the
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