From: Jonathan Bennett<>
Subject: Re: [Fwknop-discuss] noob - cannot figure out errors (e.g.
        "Couldn't load target `FWKNOP_INPUT'") when running "fwknopd -f -v"
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I was about to suggest the "comment" feature as the problem.  Michael's 
solution should be the correct one.  I'm curious, though, what firmware distro you're 
using, like Openwrt/Lede, Tomato, etc?
Yes, correct. Michael's solution indeed helped me a lot... I'm running version 380.61 of the modified Asuswrt-Merlin firmware, (my router is an Asus RT-AC87U - consumer grade and I've installed to get access to a lot of packages through the "opkg install" command...

I also asked about this problem in the thread here: but nobody seemed to have the solution to fwknopd. I remember I've read at least one other tried to get fwknopd to run on this firmware. So I think, once I get it working, I'll post an update with the solution - to help everyone else... The SPA packets' are a great security feature, I think - fwknopd is really great, I think. But I think maybe not many people are using it... If I make it work, I'll encourage other people to use fwknopd - and I think I'll keep hanging around here in this mailing list, to learn :-)

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