Hello everyone,
I have a 450 MHz PowerMac G4 Sawtooth running OS X 10.4.11 with a
(stock?) ATI Rage 128 Pro 16 MB (AGP), and I was wondering if it is
possible to use two monitors on this computer. There is a DVI port on
the card, and a VGA port as well. I have never tried using multiple
monitors until recently. I have a Dell 17" with a VGA input and
another Dell UltraSharp 17" with a DVI input. I tried hooking both up
to the computer, but only the DVI UltraSharp would display picture.
The other display would stay black with the amber LED lit up. I tried
looking in the Display system preferences, but could not find the
monitors tab. I have run both monitors successfully on my PowerBook G4
800 MHz as a second display. Also the VGA display works perfectly
without any other monitor hooked up.

Another question I have out of curiosity is this. When I bought the
system a few years back, it came with an ATI Rage (version unknown)
PCI video card in one of the slots. When I first plugged it in and
turned it on, I mistook the VGA port on the bottom PCI Rage for the
main one higher up. I turned it on, and the output was corrupted
(could hardly see what was going on). I took a closer look, saw the
AGP card's port, and used that. It worked fine, so I just pulled the
PCI card out and forgot about it.

This recent monitor issue has got me thinking: Is it possible that the
second PCI video card could've worked with another monitor, bringing
the maximum count to three? It's just a curious thought.

Thank you for any advice in advance.

Dan Ziegler
Genoa, IL 60135

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