At 5:39 AM -0800 2/14/2011, John Carmonne wrote:
On Feb 13, 2011, at 7:48 PM, Dan wrote:
> If the box supports the bigger drives, it's possible that the controller will automagically RAID the drives. Otherwise they'd have to provide some sort of tool to make it do it.

> You haven't said the actual model name so.... googling around a little, on Acomdata's site it says there are no drivers - it just uses the OS provided ones. That's normal. Doesn't seem to say anything about fixing or rebuilding the raid, tools, etc.

This is the box I have It states a 2TB capacity but maybe the specs were written before the larger HDD's were readily available? And as you said it appears no drivers needed.

Nice box. The specs and googling around don't say what type of interface it uses internally. Should be SATA, but it could be anything really. You could write to them and ask. Or open the case and see what the existing drives are, then buy drives with the same type of interface and try 'em...

- Dan.
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