> If I am not mistaken, this DVR was at one time oem from Apple. If it
> is, then I had the same problem. I got mine from OWC. Mine wouldn't
> burn CD's but it would read CD's and DVD's. Anyway, I wound up
> replacing it. Fortunately, they are cheap.

Apple has used a variety of Pioneer drives.

The earliest which offered DVD burning was the dreaded DVR-108.

I believe it was DVD-R, only. Anyway, it could NOT burn a DVD+R, and I
believe it could not read one, either.

Perhaps the later ones were DVD+/-R.

Only the latest were DVD+/-DL.

As usual Apple asks for and get certain OEM features, such as elimination
of the tray front, elimination of the electrical open/close button,
elimination of the manual open hole, etcetera.

Also, sometimes the burners are arbitrarily restricted to lower burning
speeds, as Apple prefers to release drives with lower speeds when they
have only "qualified" lower-speed media.

The bottom line is DVD drives are a commodity item, and even the likes of
Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic cannot afford to build them in Japan, rather
they have been seeking Lite-On and other Korean and/or China drives to
brand as their own.

If you need an IDE drive, Lite-Ons are very good, and these have an easily
removable tray front, for those installations which require no front.

If you need a SATA drive, Lite-Ons, Samsungs and a few others are quite good.

I have burned perhaps a thousand or more DVDs, including both DVD-5s and
DVD-9s on some of my SATA burners, and so far none have failed.

And all of this from a $20 drive.


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