At 3:35 PM -0800 2/14/2011, John Carmonne wrote:
On Feb 14, 2011, at 12:45 PM, Dan wrote:
>> This is the box I have It states a 2TB capacity but maybe the specs were written before the larger HDD's were readily available? And as you said it appears no drivers needed.

> Nice box. The specs and googling around don't say what type of interface it uses internally. Should be SATA, but it could be anything really. You could write to them and ask. Or open the case and see what the existing drives are, then buy drives with the same type of interface and try 'em...

They are Hitachi 1TB SATA I opened them to lube the screeching fans and kick out the dust Bunnies and started thinking how nice it would be to install two 2TB HDD's and sell the 1TB's instead of buying new 4TB boxes.

Meritline had a great deal on SATA Hitachi's recently.

- Dan.
- Psychoceramic Emeritus; South Jersey, USA, Earth.

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