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> I have recently bought an iMac G4 (iLamp) off craigslist-it's the
> original 17" model (800 MHz, SDRAM, 80 GB).

Just an aside, as your main questions have already been addressed by

There were two extremely similar models of 800MHz G4, 17" iLamp.

The first one will boot into OS 9.2.  The second one will not.    It's
a bit like the difference between a regular MDD and a FW800 MDD,
except harder to tell apart.

Yours is probably the first model, as it came with an 80GB hard drive,
and the later, OSX only model, came with a 60GB hard drive.   But hard
drives can be changed.

The clear distinguishing characteristic is that the OS 9 booting model
has NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics and the OSX only model has NVIDIA
GeForce2 MX graphics.

Probably not important to you, but a bit of iLamp trivia which is easy
to overlook.   Most of the folks selling them on Ebay don't seem to
know which model they have, or even that there are two nearly
identical models with such a significant difference in capabilities.

Jeff Walther

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