Thank you to all!  That makes me feel a lot better.  I guess I'll just
try to monitor in case of a fan failure.  I really like this old Mac.
It always makes me smile when I open the case and see the amazing
interior.  Giving it to my elderly parents and will try to teach them
how to do email.  I have set up a  very simplified desktop for them
with only a mail client (Thunderbird), iPhoto and Safari.

On Apr 25, 9:04 pm, Kris Tilford <> wrote:
> On Apr 25, 2011, at 9:01 PM, Bill Connelly wrote:
> > Thanks and my apologies ... guess I got caught off guard with what  
> > seems to be double negative like techies ...
> I read it the same way the first time, and started at reply based upon  
> the wrong reading, and only realized my error when I saw the first  
> reply, which "blew the dust" out of my own head.

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