I just bought a couple of white Apple (Pro?)  A1048 (aka M9034 ? aka
661-3800 ?) Keyboards on eBay. The plan is to first test them and then
clean them up as best I can. Hopefully I will be able to resell some
of them if they're in good enough shape.

So, about the cleaning. I only know one way to clean a keyboard which
is to gently pop off all the keys so they can be cleaned separately
and also clear out any filth trapped underneath the keys. This also
permits a careful, gentle cleaning of the keyboard bed underneath the

With these A1048s this looks to be very doable. I may also try
removing the three torx (?) screws on the bottom so I can clean the
clear plastic part.

Usually I would just soak the keys in water dosed with dishwasher
soap. But some of these keys are very yellow. Not sure what caused the
yellowing and I'm also not sure what I might do to (safely) try to
make them whiter? I keep thinking just throw them in a bleach solution
and see what happens But that's only because I'm essentially a
complete idiot. . ;-)

Got any suggestions on how to gently get whiter whites for my keyboard
keys? (Maybe I should try soaking them in an OxiClean solution? :-)

A secondary question. What would be a good lubricant to (re)apply to
the metal guides on the larger keys such as the space bar, return key,
shift keys, et cetera? My only thought so far here is maybe petroleum

-irrational john

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