If you truly have yellowing computer components, and they are not just
stained by spilling pop on them or something like that, you need Retr0bright



On 04/28/11 14:37, iJohn wrote:

> Usually I would just soak the keys in water dosed with dishwasher
> soap. But some of these keys are very yellow. Not sure what caused the
> yellowing and I'm also not sure what I might do to (safely) try to
> make them whiter? I keep thinking just throw them in a bleach solution
> and see what happens But that's only because I'm essentially a
> complete idiot. . ;-)
> Got any suggestions on how to gently get whiter whites for my keyboard
> keys? (Maybe I should try soaking them in an OxiClean solution? :-)
> -irrational john

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