My fourth MDD is having power supply problems and I'm tired of buying just 
another one and transfer 4 HDs, all my PCI cards, RAM and my 1.25 Ghz DP 
card again and waiting for another failing power supply.

I decided to go for a G5 instead and can get the top model for a good 
price. So what changes do I have to make? I can throw away my M-Audio 
Revolution card as the G5 has optical audio in and out. I can keep on using 
my Samsung digital TV as my monitor, it's already perfectly calibrated and 
I'll get a Mac Pro monitor extra.

I already use two Sata HDs with Tiger in my MDD with adapters so I can 
simply transplant them. But I want to keep my legacy SCSI devices like a 
nice old Microtec scanner and an old MOD drive so I'll need a PCI-e 
SCSI-card. Do you have any suggestions which cards will work with Tiger in 
the G5 2.5 Ghz DP quadcore?

The G5 should be the latest edition so I don't expect any woes with the 
liquid cooling system. Any other suggestions anybody? I hope for a smooth 
transition. Thank you.

Best regards, Jörg.

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