This email is for smokers only.  If you're not a smoker, 
forward it to one you love before you delete it.

And let me warn you.  

Some of what you read may be disturbing.

As a smoker, I know how you feel.  I used to feel the 
same way. I know how hard it is to have a habit that one 
part of you desperately wants to give up while the other 
side of you seems to enjoy.

I know how miserable it can feel to quit because I "quit" 
more times than I care to remember.

I know how you feel.  But I also know that it's time 
--- if you're reading this email --- it's time for you 
to become a non-smoker.

The principle of the Law of Attraction is that whatever 
you are seeking in the Universe is also seeking you.  
I believe that you have a desire to quit smoking, and this 
email can help you manifest that desire.

Now, if you've read this far, you're ready to become a
non-smoker.  But you've also probably still got quite a 
few excuses that you're holding on to as justifications 
for continuing to smoke your way to an early grave.

So let's get those excuses out of the way right now!

This is a popular one with the ladies, but I even hear 
it from men:  "If I quit, I'll gain weight."

Okay, here are the facts:  you gain weight when you take 
in more calories than your body burns.  That has nothing 
to do with smoking or not smoking.  While the idea that 
quitting tobacco causes food to taste better may be true, 
it's also true that people who've never used tobacco will 
gain weight this year.

There are separate programs to deal with that issue.  
Don't use that as a "cop-out."

Besides, the idea that tobacco is a weight control 
solution doesn't address the reason why there seems to 
be a ton of fat smokers!

Now I also suspect that some people don't want to gain 
weight because they think they won't be attractive anymore.  
Well, let me clue you into something.  There is a very 
real possibility that..

...your sex life will improve if you quit smoking.

Did I get your attention with that one?  It's true.
Physically, it's a known medical fact that smoking 
lowers testosterone in men and interferes with a woman's
orgiastic ability.  But even more importantly --- there 
is nothing at all sexy about a smoker.  Who wants to get 
into bed and kiss an ashtray?  And don't fool yourself.  
Breath mints don't do it.

If you ever kiss a smoker after you've become a non-smoker
you'll probably gag with the thought of that's how it was 
to kiss you for so many years.

Another excuse:  "I'm under a lot of stress and smoking 
relaxes me."  It's not the smoking that relaxes you.  It's
the THOUGHT that smoking relaxes you that provides the 
actual relaxation. 

Smoking actually increases your heart rate and raises 
your blood pressure.  And, as in all other things in life, 
change your thoughts and you change your life.

A widely used excuse:  "I switched to a safe, low-tar,
low-nicotine cigarette."  Excuse me for being so blunt, 
but that's B.S.!  There are NO SAFE cigarettes.  You were 
not designed to ingest smoke, period.  You ain't kiddin me
or anybody else, so quit kiddin yourself.

Here's an excuse a lot of people won't share but a lot of 
people have:  "It's too hard to quit - I don't have the

One half of all the people who have ever smoked have become
non-smokers.  That's many millions of people and we all 
lack will power to one degree or another.  The question is 
not about will power.  It's about motivation.  And I prove 
the point with this:  Do you get up and go to work every 
day because of will power or because of motivation (like if 
you don't go, you won't have a roof over your head!)?

And, finally, one of the emptiest but most used excuses of 
all: "I'm such a grouch to be around when I quit smoking."  
Well, let me share something with you brothers and sisters.   

I would bet my house that every person in your life would 
rather be around a live grouch than a DEAD smoker.  And if 
you are a grouch while you're adjusting to becoming a 
non-smoker, it won't last your whole life.  But I know 
something that will. 

Once they remove that lung it ain't growing back.

Now if you're ready --- and you wouldn't have read this far
if it's not something that's been on your mind for a while 
--- to join the big, beautiful, incredible universe of 
non-smokers, then you need to check out a great product 
that we've been recommending for several months.

I've received testimonials for the product we offer.  I 
value every single one of them, but this one has to rank 
near the top:

"I used to be very addicted to smoking. Everyday I would 
force myself to buy smaller packs, and sometimes I buy 
only one cigarette. Reducing was achievable, but completely
stopping was impossible at the time. The best I have done 
was 3 months. My first spoon of Super Detox was a weird 
experience. I stayed away from smoking immediately. I 
think it will be able to help me to smoke in the future 
to come"

Thanks again :-)

A happy customer,
Zamali Ahmad - Cheras Utama KL. Has smoked for 15 years

Now why does that testimonial rank near the top?  Because,
though I get excited when someone tells us that we helped 
them earn more money or start their first business or some 
other similar achievement, there's a very distinct 
possibility that Josee may live 10, 20, even 30 years 
longer because of our recommendation.  And regardless of 
how many years she lives, every single day of them will be 
better because she's a non-smoker.  It doesn't get any 
better than that!

Now, unless you fired one up while you've been reading 
this, you're probably ready for one.

Just this once, don't do it.  Instead, put the lighter 
down and click this link to go read about Super Detox:

The facts are pretty clear and I am absolutely, positively 
sure of one thing.  The day will come when you will no 
longer smoke, and it may come sooner than you think.

Hoping to keep you as a subscriber for many years to 
come and hoping you will celebrate 2007 smoke free!

Mahadzir Jaafar

P.S.  Now, for those cynical souls who are still looking 
for an excuse and say that "Mahadzir's just trying to sell 
me something," you're absolutely right!  So is the place 
where you buy your tobacco, so are those multi-billion 
dollars worth of sexy ads by tobacco companies.  Here's 
the bigger question:  Who has the purer motive?  Quit 
being cynical and go to 
>> http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?38084 .

P.P.S.  Here's another thought.  On September 20, 2006, 
local newspaper Utusan Malaysia have reported a successful 
test done by HUSM representative in Kem Pahlawan, Kelantan. 
They used Super Detox during the test and the result is 62
out of 80 hard core smoking army personnel managed to quit 
smoking within 5 weeks. 

Read the newspaper report here:
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DQ Super Detox News:

Check the Super Detox product page:
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