Dear Entrepreneur,
  Alert - New Investors - 02/018/2007 
  Below is a list of the investors seeking investment opportunities.
      Port Dickson, Malaysia
    Saffron Wonders 
      Provo, Utah
    Granite Capital Partners 
      Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Anschutz Investment BV 
      Del Mar, California
    Venture Management Associates, Inc. 
      Mount Laurel, New Jersey
    BaseCamp Ventures 
      Houston, Texas
    CCG Venture Partners, LLC 
      Central, Japan
    CyberWorks Ventures 
      Wilson, Wyoming
    Aerostar Capital LLC 
      New York, New York
    Regent Capital Partners, L.P. 
      New York, New York
    GS Capital Partners Inc. 
      London, UK
    Indigo Capital Ltd. 
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Innovest Group Inc. 
      LONDON, UK
      new york, New York
    trump international investments 
      Chicago, Illinois
    AAM Capital Partners, L.P. 
      St. Petersburg, Florida
    Ballast Point Ventures, L.P. 
      London, UK
    Kleinwort Capital Limited 
      New York, New York
    Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. 
      Chicago, Illinois
    BlueStar Ventures, L.P. 
      Menlo Park, California
    De Novo Ventures 
      Chicago, Illinois
    DNJ Capital Partners LLC 
      New York, New York
    Dolphin Equity Partners 
      Los Angeles, California
    Global Innovation Partners, LLC 
      Wayne, Pennsylvania
    GS Capital, L.P. 
      Gurgaon, India
      New York, New York
    Pennell Venture Partners 
      Hartford, Connecticut
    First New England Capital, L.P. 
      Chicago, Illinois
    Mosaix Ventures LLC 
      London, UK
    Evolution Beeson Gregory Limited 
      Dallas, Texas
    Telinvest Management Corp. 

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