Why Email Marketing?

The main objective of this email marketing campaign is to create awareness
of your products or services as well as to increase the effectiveness of
your web presence through email.

Recent research has shown as below :-

1. 70% of American internet users have purchased online as a result of email
2. averagely, email marketing campaign yields 1 - 2 % response.
3. low cost & powerful online marketing strategy.

So, email marketing has slowly become the most popular method of online
marketing. Any business can use bulk email marketing to generate leads and
traffic, making the internet a level playing field.

Email List.

The CD Email List contest as below :-

- Malaysia Email - Verify - 859k

- Malaysia Email - Unverify - 602k

!!  Bonus  !!

- 73Million of email address from Europe, hotmail and China........
- Email List Manager - to manage your email list.

Final notes.

Do not abuse the email list by sending out email like an unethical spammer.
To avoid this issue, you must not send the email with the same content more
than one time in a short period of time (1 - 2 days). Preferably, try to
change the email content as frequent as possible. Please include the both
statement at the bottom of your email:

Anti-SPAM Policy Disclaimer: Mail cannot be considered spam as long as we
include contact information and a remove link for removal from this mailing
list. If this e-mail is unsolicited, please accept our apologies.
Note: This email is only for our potential clients. If you have accidentally
received this, please accept our deepest apologies. To choose not to receive
future emails from us, simply reply with the subject header "unsubscribe".

According to above statement, you must include your contact information such
as company name, address, tel, fax, etc in your email. If you receive reply
email with the Subject of "unsubsribe", please remove that specific email
from your list immediately.


** Order before 30 April 2007 =====> RM88.00

** Order after 30 April 2007 =====> RM128.00


To order, please contact me - Mr Lim +6 012- 410 2513 or email

Payment can be made to :-

Bank : Maybank Berhad
Account Number : 507 095 050 530
Account Name : LIM CHI YONG

1. Bank in to Maybank :-

- Email us the scanned copy of bank-in slip (proof of purchase) to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], we need a softcopy bank-in slip.

- For e-banking transaction, please capture the screen and e-mail it to

- Once payment made, we will courier the Email List CD to your stated
address within 5 days from the day of purchase. So, while attaching your
softcopy of payment slip in the email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] please leave us
the following detail in the same email:

1. Your Full Name / Company Name :
2. Your Contact Number :
3. Your Email Address :
4. Your Full Mailling Address :

Any question just drop me a email.


Mr Lim
012-410 2513

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