Hi to all...
  I'm sending this email to share with you on this alternative way for FOREX 

To those who already trade forex or newbie who just want to start might want to 
try this software. It's not a platform but act as calculator or advisor. It's 
easiest & safest way to trade in Forex. You just need 20 mins of your time a 
day. No more hassle to monitor the chart or make calculation, pivot line etc. 
The software will do it for you. Thanks to FREEDOMROCKS.
  With FREEDOMROCKS you don't need to spend time watching economic news, 
analyzing positions and trying to predict market movements, the FREEDOMROCKS 
system takes a long-term approach. You will not have to jump in and out of the 
FOREX market to make money*. FREEDOMROCKS software will help you decide what to 
buy, how much to buy and when to buy. 

The FREEDOMROCKS software and approach is like nothing else out there. Imagine 
how it would feel to have a system and a software package that could help you 
maximize your investment returns, without spending hours a day to do it? 


- Requires no prior trading experience 
- Requires no research 
- No charts or graphs to read 
- Analyzes your positions and provides you BUY & SELL points** 
- Practice with live trades in the market, for as long as you like, without 
risking a penny 
- Includes step-by-step instructions and screenshots showing exactly what your 
trades will look like 
- Takes just a few minutes per week to manage a portfolio of any size 
- Provides structure to your trading approach, helping you set up a balanced 
portfolio & suggesting BUY & SELL points for your positions. 
- Alerts you by text message or email when your trades execute, so there is no 
need to monitor your progress throughout the day and there is no risk of you 
missing a trading opportunity. 
- Allows you to balance your portfolio to earn varying rates of interest on 
your account. 
- Free demo (practice) accounts. 
- Leverage up to 400:1 (control a large amount with a little money) 
- Because you are trading currencies, with properly optimized FOREX positions 
you actually have daily interest as an income stream. 

For more info, do visit www.freedomrocks.com/84076 There you could watch the 
presentation video and try the software for FREE. Yes, FREE.
Thank you.

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