Greetings Everyone,

Please note that gibLink launched its Social
Networking Site for business minded people on Monday
October 15. The current members will now start sharing
in the companys profits. 70% goes to the members.

Members are being sent a VISA debit card and cash is
being loaded every Wednesday as everyone is being
cycled through. No member is being left out.

For those who are not yet members, here is what is
going on:

gibLink is a new Global Internet Social Networking
Website that is a Home for EVERY person that is
looking for a passive income opportunity . This is NOT
investment. It is a true Revenue Share.

What if you had the chance to revenue share with the
owners of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, GoDaddy, Yahoo
or Google? That would have been the opportunity of the
century!!! Well now, here is your chance.

Go to: and see for
yourself. Listen to the audios and read through the
site. If you are looking to share in the massive
revenues generated by a Social Networking site, this
is the place.

1) gibLink is officially launched on Oct 15. About 800
people per day are signing up. reported
gibLink had a record breaking 20,000 people on a
conference call. There are less than 15,000
members at this time with expected membership to reach
two million worldwide. MySpace has sixty million so
two million is a very achievable goal.

2) Mike Glaspie (world famous netmarketer) , Jane
Mark/Phil Basten (owners of JPE Advertising and One
Minute Ads) are just some of the famous netmarketers
who have joined forces with Giblink ! If Mike G.
is in the business, not only is it legitimate, it is
HIGHLY Profitable!

3) A first class pro membership is $150 (there is also
free memberships but free does not revenue share and
there is a $50 membership that pays $50 on every
cycle). The Pro Membership is the one that pays the
big money. See the site for more details.

4) You could make 10 times your membership back and
over $5k the second month and it does not stop there.
The company kicks back 70% of their revenues to the
membership payable weekly.

5) You do not need to recruit anyone to make money.
But if you do, gibLink pays a 100% matching bonus.
What your recruit makes, you also make as a bonus.

To sign up, go to:


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