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Nowadays, all over the world lot of reseller program could be found on the 
internet. Almost everyday we got email of new program launching with promises. 
To join the program is not a problem as most of the reseller program offer 
minimal fees and promise to get million from it. I don't think it is impossible 
to get the numbers as long as you work for it and get a perfect complete all 
level (as in the plan) of downlines plus sincere program organiser. From 
e-book, fertiliser & daily products are sold through reseller programs. E-book 
is the famous product. Lots of name are used as the url to attract members.

Recently I joined one Malaysia based reseller program known as CDIlmiah that 
officially launched on 15 November 2007. The product is variety of CD titles 
suitable for all range of age from school children to professionals in VCD and 
interactive CD format. For more info on the titles, click here then click on 

The cost to join is RM50 transfer via Maybank2U. With the reseller program you 
could generate up to RM1,506, 132.00 and this is about 30,122 times of the 
initial investment.

The number is great but is it possible? Yes, provided you get a complete 
downlines according to its plan. By introducing one paid customer you will get 
RM6. Each reseller only need to get 3 paid customer and the 4th will be 
spillover to the next level, so, you will also get the chance of spillover from 
your upline. It is a lot of customer coz to make up complete perfect 12 level 
the total will be >531,000. 

What if you only got complete up to 6 level? You will get RM1,458. This mean 
you already generate 29 times of your initial investment. Is this good? The 
answer is with you.

That if only talk about making money, but if we look from a different angle 
like the knowledge that you could get from the CDs offered. Then, by all means 
click here, choose the tittles you want, paid and wait for the CDs to be 
delivered to your door step.

Interested and wanna give it a try, go to


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