Salam & hi to all...
Just for you guys info, as at now, a new opportunity is scheduled to be 
launched on Tuesday, 4 December 2007 (I will update if there is any changes). 
Below are some info about the program:

The payplan will be a straightline with several different bonus pools. YES a 
straightline. One Line, one under another. No sidelines etc. ALL who join after 
you, will be in your downline. So your timing is very critical.

You can earn fast start bonuses on your personal referrals plus monthly bonuses 
or just by using the products.

Everybody has a choice, join free or upgrade straight away. People who upgrade 
straight away, will have a advantage and bypass people who even joined earlier. 
So, it will be important after you joined for free, that you upgrade right away.

Monthly fee is USD29.99 so that's something everybody can afford. This is a 
global business.
You should have a credit or debit card to be able to upgrade. They usual take 
American Express, Discover, Master or Visa.

Commission payout will be made to a serious and solid global debit card.

This will be a great experience, if you take this serious and BEST is that you 
share it with others after you upgraded tomaximize your earnings.

So if you want to build this, UPGRADE RIGHT AWAY after youjoined. I'm sure when 
the launch is here, everybody willget promotion emails like crazy :-) Because 
marketers likethis kind of programs a lot.

We get a complete turnkey marketing system. You will love this if you are a 
builder :-)

Till the next update... Cheerio...


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