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A long time ago in China , a girl named Li-Li got  married and went to live 
with her husband and mother-in-law. In a very short  time, Li-Li found that she 
couldn't get along with her mother-in-law at  all. 

Their personalities were very different, and Li-Li was  angered by many of her 
mother-in-law' s habits. In addition, she criticized  Li-Li constantly. 

Days passed, and weeks passed. Li-Li and her  mother-in-law never stopped 
arguing and fighting. But what made the situation  even worse was that, 
according to ancient Chinese tradition, Li-Li had to bow  to her mother-in-law 
and obey her every wish. All the anger and unhappiness in  the house was 
causing Li-Li's poor husband great  distress. 

Finally, Li-Li could not stand her mother-in-law' s  bad temper and 
dictatorship any longer, and she decided to do something about  it. Li-Li went 
to see her father's good friend, Mr Huang, who sold herbs. She  told him the 
situation and asked if he would give her some poison 
So that  she could solve the problem once and for all. 

Mr Huang thought for awhile, and finally said, "Li-Li,  I will help you solve 
your problem, but you must listen to me and obey what I  tell you. 

Li-Li said, "Yes, Mr Huang, I will do whatever you  tell me to do". 

Mr. Huang went into the back room, and returned in a  few minutes with a 
package of herbs. 

He told Li-Li, "You can't use a quick-acting poison to  get rid of your 
mother-in-law, because that would cause people to become  suspicious. 
Therefore, I have given you a number of herbs that will slowly  build up poison 
in her body. Every other day prepare some delicious meal and  put a little of 
these herbs in her serving. Now, in order to make sure that  nobody suspects 
you when she dies, you must be very careful to act very  friendly towards her. 
Don't argue with her, obey her every wish, and treat her  like a queen". 

Li-Li was so happy. She thanked Mr Huang and hurried  home to start her plot of 
murdering her mother-in-law.   

Weeks went by, and months went by, and every other  day, Li-Li served the 
specially treated food to her mother-in-law. She  remembered what Mr Huang had 
said about avoiding suspicion, so she controlled  her temper, obeyed her 
mother-in-law, and treated her like her own  mother. 

After six months had passed, the whole household  had changed. Li-Li had 
practised controlling her temper so much that she found  that she almost never 
got mad or upset. She hadn't had an argument with her  mother-in-law in six 
months because she now seemed much kinder and easier to  get along with. 

The mother-in-law' s attitude toward Li-Li changed,  and she began to love 
Li-Li like her own daughter. She kept telling friends  and relatives that Li-Li 
was the best daughter-in- law one could ever  find. 

Li-Li and her mother-in-law were now treating each  other like a real mother 
and daughter. 

Li-Li's husband was very happy to see what was  happening. 

One day, Li-Li came to see Mr Huang and asked for his  help again. She said, 
"Dear Mr Huang, please help me to keep the poison from  killing my 
mother-in-law! She's changed into such a nice woman, and I love her  like my 
own mother. I do not want her to die because of the poison I gave  her". 

Mr Huang smiled and nodded his head. "Li-Li, there's  nothing to worry about. I 
never gave you any poison. The herbs I gave you were  vitamins to improve her 
health. The only poison was in your mind and your  attitude toward her, but 
that has been all washed away by the love which you  gave to her". 

HAVE YOU REALIZED that how you treat others is  exactly how they will treat 
you? There is a wise Chinese saying: "The person  who loves others will also be 
loved in return. God might be trying to work in  another person's life through 

Send this to your friends and spread the POWER OF  LOVE. Remember, if you 
delete this mail nothing will happen. No one will die  or fall sick. But... if 
you send it to others your may change their life.  After alll you have got 
nothing to lose but a lot to gain.
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