*The Wood Cutter*

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One day a woodcutter took his grandson into the forest for his first
experience in selecting and cutting oak trees. These they would later sell
to the boat builders.

 As they walked along, the woodcutter explained that the purpose of each
tree is contained in its natural shape: some are straight for planks, some
have the proper curves for the ribs of a boat, and some are tall for masts.

 The woodcutter told his grandson that by paying attention to the details of
each tree, and with experience in recognizing these characteristics, someday
he too might become the woodcutter of the forest.

A little way into the forest, the grandson saw an old oak tree that had
never been cut. The boy asked his grandfather if he could cut it down
because it was useless for boat building - there were no straight limbs, the
trunk was, short and gnarled, and the curves were going the wrong way. "We
could cut it down for firewood," the grandson said. "At least then it will
be of some use to us." The woodcutter replied that for now they should be
about their work cutting the proper trees for the boat builders; maybe later
they could return to the old oak tree.

After a few hours of cutting the huge trees, the grandson grew tired and
asked if they could stop for a rest in some cool shade. The woodcutter took
his grandson over to the old oak tree, where they rested against its trunk
in the cool shade beneath its twisted limbs.

After they had rested a while, the woodcutter explained to his grandson the
necessity of attentive awareness and recognition of everything in the forest
and in the world. Some things are readily apparent, like the tall, straight
trees; other things are less apparent, requiring closer attention, like
recognition of the proper curves in the limbs. And some things might
initially appear to have no purpose at all, like the gnarled old oak tree.


The woodcutter stated, "You must learn to pay careful attention every day so
you can recognize and discover the purpose God has for everything in
creation. For it is this old oak tree, which you so quickly deemed useless
except for firewood, that now allows us to rest against its trunk amidst the
coolness of its shade.

"Remember, grandson, not everything is as it first appears. Be patient, pay
attention, recognize, and


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