If you're new to Internet businesses, you will understand that it is integral 
to your success that you have to have people to show your products to, in order 
to make money. If you already have a business, then you've already gone through 
agonizing hours or buying leads, running advertising, and then the tedious 
process of either cold calling or sorting through the leads that you have.
So we are in agreement: Every Single Business on the Planet Needs Leads.
That's why we've made GVO - Global Virtual Opportunities (an Internet Marketing
Toolbox) an important part of our Internet Marketing Franchise.
With your GVO membership you also get:
* Personalized Autoresponder System
* Online Virtual Conferencing
* Online Video Hosting and Video Producer
* Website Downtime Monitoring
* Unlimited Hosted Domain Names
* 15000 Megs of Web Space and 200000 Megs of Bandwidth (that's alot!)
* Unlimited MySQL databases
* Unlimited Sub-Domains
* Unlimited Email Accounts
...and of course you will be paid on all the referrals that come through your 
New Rich internet marketing franchise system and are automatically offered the 
GVO membership. In addition, you will also qualify to receive override 
commissions on the efforts of myself and your sponsor, since the GVO 
compensation plan is a 4x10 forced matrix, the sooner you join, the more 
members we can also refer below you.
Here's the bottom line. In this (and any) business, undoubtedly you will refer 
your members somewhere to use tools for internet marketing. So the question is:
Do You Want To Be Paid A Referral Commission
For Referring Those Members?
Here's how GVO works:
GVO is an Online Tools Membership company! They provide exclusive internet 
marketing tools to it's members each month. I have researched just about every 
company on the internet that provides similar tools, and by far GVO provides 
the best services at the best prices. How do you know they are any good?
Because chances are, YOU were attracted to the New Rich system through the use 
of one or more of the GVO tools. Your sponsor is more than likely using the 
video producer and the autoresponder at a minimum. Your sponsor received these 
tools with his/her membership :-) So all you have to do is register your 
account, plug into the live training step-by-step training on how to use these 
tools and then let the system take over from there!
Are you ready to get started?
It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO e---a---s---y!
We already have internet advertising, pre-written emails, and phone scripts 
that are proven to get people jumping to come to your website and sign up 
within minutes so you can start to profit right away.
All you have to do next is become a GVO member, plug into the training, and 
YOU'RE ALL SET and ready to profit! :-)
TIP: We provide weekly online conferences on how to get 1000's of visitors to 
your websites each and every week and you're welcome to join us at them for 
FREE. We also would suggest that you contact your sponsor and ask them to help 
you invite the first few prospects for you! Remember your sponsor will do 
anything to help you be successful because they will also benefit from your 
(It won't ever get ANY easier than this....)
Click here for a $1 14 day trial.


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