*internet friendship proposals*

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will u be my frinedship with me? plz?????? (ya sure)

im all alone and in need of frinedship and friends. (ill gladly be ur friend
if only you wud improve ur english)

helelo i want friesship with u. (that reminds me of kkkkkiran)

i want to be closed friend with u. (when were we open?)

i want 2 b frands with you. (yup frands)

i want to be close friendship with u. (then be. cuz im closed for you)

please reply me to me weather we r frinds or not? (then you reply to urself
dear me to me)

behtarin....love...... can v b plas? (r we gonna fix a car? or screw some

itne mast mails kahaan se laati ho love? can there be friends between us?and
if frinedship is accepted. then.....
okkkk thunks. thunk u so muck that u become my freind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.................do u have an a a/c in orkat?????????
if u have plz sand me u r link.
(notice the space between u and r. it completely changes the meaning of the
sentence. the sentence now becomes "if u have plz sand me you are


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