*"my wife's expecting."*

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A young private sought permission from his Commanding Officer to leave camp
the following weekend.  "You see," he explained, "my wife's expecting."

"Oh..." said the Officer, "I understand.  Go ahead and tell your wife that I
wish her luck."

The following week the same soldier was back again with the same
explanation: "My wife's expecting."

The Officer looked surprised.  "Still expecting?" he said, "Well, well, my
boy, you must be pretty bothered.  Of course you can have the week-end off."

When the same soldier appeared again the third week, however, the Officer
lost his temper.  "Don't tell me your wife is still expecting!" he bellowed.

"Yes sir!" said the soldier resolutely, "She's still expecting."

"What in heaven is she expecting?" cried the Officer.

"Me." said the soldier


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