Hey gadis-melayu@yahoogroups.com, 
rubi here...

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but Nizzura (Malaysia's #1 Affiliate 
Marketing Coach) celebrated his 2 years anniversary of achieving financial 
freedom online. 

As part of the celebration, Nizzura are giving away free T-Shirts to anyone who 
gets 10 of their friends to be part of Malaysian Marketers community.

This is where you come in... 

I want that T-Shirt. I want it bad... and as it turns out, 
MalaysianMarketers.com is a pretty cool site! 

You'll automatically receive tons of FREE Internet Marketing information, tips 
and resources - available for a limited time only!

Anyway, follow this link and maybe you can get your own cool 
MalaysianMarketers.com T-shirt worth RM 27 for FREE!.

==> http://www.MalaysianMarketers.com?a=tr&cid=1788 


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