First Class Managers ( Funny Joke )

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                First Class Managers  



First Class Manager (FCM) is going thru' a forest one
evening when his car breaks down. He looks around and finds a lone house. He
knocks the door which is opened by a stunning woman.


FCM: Can I spend the night at your place?


Woman: Well. I live alone.


FCM: I'm an honourable man, a FCM.


Woman: I got only one bed.


FCM: No problem. I'm an honourable man, a FCM.


Woman: I go to bed naked.


FCM: No problem. I'm an honourable man, a FCM.


Woman: Be my guest, FCM.


Next morning while leaving, FCM finds the woman busy
with her poultry.


FCM: Good birds you got there.


Woman: Yeah.


FCM: How many cocks and how many hens?


Woman: Two hundred hens, one cock..


FCM: But I can see over a dozen cocks around.


Woman: Only one cock over there. The others are first


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