Chicken Story ( +18 Naughty Joke )

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                Chicken Story Joke



farmer rears twenty-five young hens and one old cock. As he
feels that the old cock could no longer handle his job efficiently, the farmer
bought one young cock from the market.


Old cock to Young cock : "Welcome to join me, we
will work together towards productivity.



Young cock : What you mean? As far as I know, you are
old and should be retired.


Old cock : Young boy, there are twenty-five hens
here, can't I help you with some?


Young cock : No! Not even one, all of them will be


Old cock : In this case, I shall challenge you to a
competition and if I win you shall allow me to have one hen and if I lose you
will have all. Young cock : O.K. What kind of competition?


Old cock: 50 meter run. From here to that tree. But
due to my age, I hope you allow me to start off the first 10 meters.


Young cock : No problem ! We will compete tomorrow



Confidently, the following morning, the Young cock
allows the Old cock to start off and when the Old cock crosses the 10 meters
mark the Young cock chases him with all his might.


Soon enough, he was behind the Old cock back in a
matter of seconds.


Suddenly, Bang! ...... before he could overtake the
old cock, he was shot dead by the farmer, who cursed, "Hell ! This is the
fifth GAY chicken I've bought this week !"


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