The Mouse the Frog and the Hawk ( Must Read And Forward This Story )

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                 The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk



A Mouse who always lived on the land, by an unlucky chance, formed
an intimate acquaintance with a Frog, who lived, for the most part, in the
water. One day, the Frog was intent on mischief. He tied the foot of the Mouse
tightly to his own. Thus joined together, the Frog led his friend the Mouse to
the meadow where they usually searched for food.


After this, he gradually led him towards the pond in which
he lived, until reaching the banks of the water, he suddenly jumped in,
dragging the Mouse with him. The Frog enjoyed the water amazingly, and swam
croaking about, as if he had done a good deed.


The unhappy Mouse was soon sputtered and drowned in the
water, and his poor dead body floating about on the surface. A Hawk observed
the foating Mouse from the sky, and dove down and grabbed it with his talons,
carrying it back to his nest.


The Frog, being still fastened to the leg of the Mouse,
was also carried off a prisoner, and was eaten by the Hawk.


MORAL : "Choose your allies carefully"


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