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Discovery Channel - Fireballs from Space (2007)
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Was chicken little right about thesky falling? Possibly, since hundreds of tons 
of space debris falls to earthevery single day. Most of these particles are 
microscopic, but the threat of afireball the size of a football field is 
possible. Now the idea that our planetorbits in a shooting gallery of comets 
and asteroids is getting seriousattention. In order to learn more about 
asteroids scientists need to get upclose and personal with them. Watch 
incredible exclusive coverage of NASA's justcompleted mission to an asteroid. 
This dramatic, nail-biting mission is thefirst-ever attempt to land on an 
asteroid. Go inside the super-sanitizedclean-room at Johnson Space Center, with 
cosmic mineralogists analyzing preciousmeteorites. Learn how meteorites may 
have played a role in brining life toearth. Join scientists in investigating 
how comets and asteroids may have helpedre-shape evolution.

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