DIY Video Surveillance Camera Market to be $1 Billion by 2012. 
Home Consumer/DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Video Surveillance Camera Market Creating 
New Revenue Opportunity for Camera Manufacturers, Home Networking and Broadband 
Services Industries, According to MultiMedia Intelligence.
DIY-CAM Video surveillance in consumer homes promises to drive a new market for 
consumer/DIY cameras and remote home monitoring services. Growing consumer 
awareness and product offerings will enable the market for consumer/DIY 
surveillance cameras to grow to over $1 billion dollars by 2012. This presents 
a promising expansion opportunity for camera manufacturers, broadband operators 
and semiconductor manufacturers, according to MultiMedia Intelligence. 
The applications driving home video surveillance range from simple doorbell 
cameras to remote surveillance and recording services. Companies are 
positioning do-it-yourself (DIY) surveillance kits that include cameras, 
network adapters, and PC and internet-based monitoring and recording software. 
Such systems also allow consumers to monitor their home remotely over the 
Internet, or even via their mobile phones. Several catalysts promise to enable 
the growing consumer/DIY surveillance opportunity: 
1. Growing availability of consumer/DIY camera kits in retail outlets. 
2. Emergence of a new class of consumer-level Internet-Protocol (IP) 
surveillance cameras. 
3. Growing installed base of video-capable home networks 
4. Broadband service providers seeking new value-added services through remote 
surveillance management and monitoring services. 
5. Declining technology costs make it reasonable for IP video surveillance 
offerings at reasonable consumer prices. 
“Both home networking and video surveillance are dynamic and growing markets. 
The new Consumer/DIY IP Surveillance Camera market bridges these two segments 
to create yet another promising opportunity,” stated Mark Kirstein, President 
of MultiMedia Intelligence and author of the companies new research report 
“Consumer Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Surveillance: Cameras, Broadband Services & 
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